Entering the new era of patient safety

One of our biggest focuses at WSHA on patient safety, and we continually work to make care safer and more effective for all of our state’s residents. During the last few years, we’ve participated in two Partnership for Patients initiatives with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that have made a tremendous impact in our communities, preventing 39,000 patient harms and saving $611 million in health care costs.... Read More >>

WSHA selected to continue improvements in patient safety

The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) has been selected as one of 16 national, regional, or state hospital associations; Quality Improvement Organizations; and health system organizations to continue efforts in reducing preventable hospital-acquired conditions and readmissions. The Hospital Improvement Innovation Network contracts were awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to build upon the collective momentum of the Hospital Engagement Networks and Quality Improvement Organizations to reduce patient harm and readmissions.... Read More >>

Apply to join the Maternal Mortality Review Board

In March 2016, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 6534, which created the Maternal Mortality Review Panel and directed it to conduct comprehensive, multidisciplinary reviews of maternal deaths in Washington. Its purpose is to identify factors associated with maternal deaths and make recommendations for system changes that can improve health care for women in the state.... Read More >>

CDC issues summary of key Zika considerations for health care settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a summary of key considerations for health care facilities, including hospitals and health systems, as they prepare to receive patients potentially infected with the Zika virus. The document outlines nine steps health care facilities should take, including knowing the clinical manifestations of the virus, how to assess pregnant women and advise against sexual transmission during pregnancy, reporting and use of standard precautions.... Read More >>

Zika resources in Washington State

In Washington State, if you are caring for a patient suspected or confirmed of being infected with the Zika virus, contact your local health jurisdiction for reporting and assistance. You can also call Department of Health at 206-418-5500 for urgent situations if you cannot reach someone at your local health jurisdiction.... Read More >>

DOH continues honor roll for hospital antimicrobial stewardship

e Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is continuing to honor facilities that have an antimicrobial stewardship program and are working to improve antibiotic use through education, targeted activities and assessment. This is an opportunity for hospitals to be publicly recognized for leading efforts to reduce antibiotic resistance and improve patient outcomes. ... Read More >>

Federal and state agencies update Zika guidance

As concern about the Zika virus have continued to grow, both the Washington State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control have released new guidance, information, and tools this week to assist healthcare providers in our state.... Read More >>

Star Rating: Attractive, but ultimately not enough

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) released its long-awaited star quality ratings. These ratings are intended to combine a wide variety of quality measures into a single, consumer-friendly score.... Read More >>

CDC issues updated Zika recommendations for providers

he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on July 25 released updated guidance for health care providers caring for pregnant women with possible exposure to Zika virus. Specifically, the guidance extends to 14 days the timeframe for testing the blood of pregnant women for Zika particles. Previous guidance had set the timeframe at one week; however, new evidence has found that Zika virus can be present in the blood for longer after symptoms begin.... Read More >>

Pokémon Go a problem? Request getting removed

Some of you might have found that there are guests running around your hospital playing Pokémon Go. The American Hospital Association is working with Nintendo on this. In the meantime, there is a way to request that your facility be removed (although the process is apparently a little burdensome).... Read More >>

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