More hospitals join Breastfeeding Friendly Washington

More WSHA member hospitals have earned recognition through the Washington State Department of Health’s Breastfeeding Friendly Washington Hospitals.... Read More >>

Patient and family engagement can help prevent falls

Adding patient and family engagement education to your hospital’s fall prevention bundle can help reduce fall rates in the acute care setting. Not only does this mean a better outcome for your patient, but also a savings for your hospital. Studies show that accidental falls in acute care settings have resulted in serious injuries to patients, to the extent that the Joint Commission has labelled fall-related sentinel events as a priority initiative (National Patient Safety Goal 9 -NPSG 9).... Read More >>

MIPS FAQs answered from CMS Quality Payment Program Service Center

If I attest successfully in the Medicaid EHR Incentive program for 2017, do I still need to participate in the QPP to avoid negative payment adjustments to my Medicare Part B allowed charges in 2019? If one eligible clinician (EC) in the group must meet the base score requirements for the Advancing Care Information (ACI) category, do all members of the group have to meet all of the measures for ACI, or will it suffice if only one EC in the group meets the ACI requirements?... Read More >>

DOH releases first Maternal Mortality Review Panel report

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) recently released the first Maternal Mortality Review Panel (MMRP) report outlining recommendations to reduce maternal mortality and improve care for women across the state. The MMRP was created through legislation to complete a formal review of maternal deaths in Washington State for 2014 and 2015, and “to identify factors associated with those deaths and make recommendations for system changes to improve health care services for women in this state.”... Read More >>

Washington Poison Center provides education to hospital partners

In addition to providing 24/7 emergency hotline services for the public and health care providers regarding potential toxic exposures, the Washington Poison Center has an active health care provider education program. By becoming a partner in its Hospital Fair Share program, your hospital supports the core emergency services of the poison center, and it also allows the center to provide immediate consultations from board-certified clinical toxicologists to your health care providers as well as information regarding antivenom administration and other specialized poisoning treatments.... Read More >>

WSHA’s new Safety Action Bundle: Protecting patients from falls and fall-related injuries

With the expert assistance of Pat Quigley, PhD, MPH, ARNP, CRRN, FAAN, FAANP — a national expert on falls with injury prevention — WSHA has developed several tools to help your hospital assess its effectiveness in preventing falls at the organizational and unit level, including a new and revised Safety Action Bundle, Gap Analysis and Strategic Planning. Falls disproportionally impact the older population, and with an aging inpatient hospital population, there is an increased risk for injurious falls and associated morbidity and mortality.... Read More >>

UW offers Perinatal Psychiatry Consultation Line

The University of Washington is offering an important new service: The University of Washington Perinatal Psychiatry Consultation Line (206-685-2924). It is a free phone consultation service for any health care provider in Washington State who has a question about a pregnant or postpartum woman with a mental health problem. The line is staffed by a perinatal psychiatrist from 3-5 p.m. on weekdays. Providers can also leave a message at any time and staff will respond as soon as possible.... Read More >>

QPP: Review possible changes for the 2018 performance period

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a proposed rule on the Quality Payment Program (QPP). The proposed changes are intended to simplify reporting requirements, ease eligibility requirements and provide more support to clinicians, especially small, independent and rural practices.... Read More >>

It’s a good time to get up to date on vaccines

Nobody likes getting shots, but staying up to date on your vaccines can literally be a life saver. August marks National Immunization Awareness Month, and a time to remember that vaccines play an important role in preventing serious, sometimes fatal diseases. Not only does it protect you personally, but it protects others who may not be able to receive vaccines, such as those with a weakened immune system or those at risk for serious complications if they are to contract one of these infectious diseases.... Read More >>

Countdown to the Quality Payment Program

The countdown is on to the Quality Payment Program (QPP)! Program deadlines are approaching quickly and our goal is to help you be successful with the program. Here are a few ways to prepare for success.... Read More >>

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