Election results

Washington’s election results often take days or weeks to determine as ballots trickle in through our mail-in system. The following are preliminary results shared with the caveat that they could change as more ballots are counted. ... Read More >>

HCA Sends Hospitals Corrected Safety Net Assessment Program Agreements

The Health Care Authority (HCA) recently sent hospitals new agreements to provide protections from reductions to regular Medicaid payment for the period when hospitals are participating in the Hospital Safety Net Assessment program. The new safety net law, passed during the most recent legislative session, requires HCA to offer hospitals an agreement giving the hospital a remedy should the state reduce payments under the program.... Read More >>

1.5 million Washingtonians used the health exchange

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange announced last week that 1.5 million Washingtonians accessed health coverage through between Oct. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015.... Read More >>

WSHA joins amicus brief in case on a provider’s ‘Duty to Warn’

WSHA has joined other health care associations to file an amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) brief in the case of Volk v. DeMeerleer. The case before the Washington State Supreme Court addresses the scope of the duty of medical providers to warn third parties when a patient makes vague threats of violence but no actual threat to an identifiable victim.... Read More >>

New opportunities for state student loan repayment funding

Mental health providers, pharmacists and primary care providers have an opportunity to be eligible for student loan repayment funds through the newly re-instituted state loan repayment program, the Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP). This new program is offered in addition to the continuing federal National Health Service Corps, and the Federal-State Loan Repayment Program (FSLRP).... Read More >>

Urgent action: Oppose site neutral payments in federal budget deal

A federal budget deal was reached and filed Oct. 26 that, beginning in 2017, would require that all new hospital-based physician services provided at “off-campus” locations be paid based solely on the physician fee schedule. Existing hospital-owned practices – as of the date of enactment – would be grandfathered and paid under the current provider-based rules. ... Read More >>

Reduction in Medicaid PPS Rates Effective November 1

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Prospective Payment System (PPS) hospitals of significant changes to their Medicaid hospital payment rates effective November 1. WSHA recommends they file a rate appeal with the Health Care Authority (HCA).... Read More >>

DOH adopts rules to protect patient information in CHARS database

The Department of Health (DOH) has adopted rules to further define standards for access to patient information in the state’s Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS). WSHA worked with the DOH to offer comments and voice concerns during several stakeholder workshops, and appreciated the opportunity to participate in the pre-rulemaking process. ... Read More >>

State moving forward with transformation committees

The state is seeking applicants for new committees focusing on accelerating the work of transformation in Washington State.... Read More >>

Ballots have arrived: No on I-1366

One of my favorite fall rituals is the arrival of our ballots for the November elections. I love public policy and I love to vote. Participating in our democracy is such an amazing privilege. This fall, mostly local elections and local issues dominate our ballots. There is, however, an important statewide vote that would have enormous impacts on hospitals and health systems: Initiative 1366. The WSHA Board of Trustees has voted unanimously for WSHA to oppose the initiative.... Read More >>

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