Washington Health Law Manual Third Edition


The Third Edition of the Washington Health Law Manual is made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Washington State Society of Health Care Attorneys and the Washington State Hospital Association.

Table of Contents

About Washington Health Law Manual

A. Mission Statement
B. Forward
C. Suggestions for Use of this Manual
D. Disclaimer
E. Copyright
F. Editorial Board
G. Current and Former Contributors
1. Editor-in-Chief
2. Division Editors
3. Advisors, Consultants and Assistants
4. Administrative Support
5. Production
H. Authors and Editors
I. Getting Involved
J. Comments and Corrections


Volume I: Patient Care Information, Treatment and Rights
1. Healthcare Information, Confidentiality current as of 5/4/16
2. Consent to Healthcare
2A. General Consent Rules
2B. Special Consent Rules
2C. Decision Making for Incompetent Patients
current as of 12/1/16
current as of 9/2/05
current as of 3/15/06
3. Healthcare Rules Applicable to Certain Populations
4. Behavioral Health
4A. Mental Healthcare for Adults and Minor Children
4B. Mental Health Advance Directives
4C. Commitment Based on Mental Illness
current as of 2/14/06
curent as of 2/14/06
current as of 6/15/15
5. Reproduction, Birth and Adoption current as of 1/15/09
6. End of Life current as of 12/29/14
7. Investigational Therapies and Research Liability current as of 4/2/07
8. Medical Malpractice Liability current as of 1/1/11

Volume II: Regulation of Healthcare Practitioners and Entities
9. Professional Licensure of Individuals current as of 9/30/14
10. Hospital Regulation current as of 10/25/06
11. Long Term Care Facilities current as of 4/2/07
12. Licensure and Organization of Other Institutional Settings current as of 9/29/05
13. Government Health Care Institutions: Acute Care Facilities
14. Certificate of Need current as of 10/31/10
15. Regulation of Health Carriers current as of 1/19/15
16. Peer Review and Quality Assurance Requirements current as of 11/28/14
17. Public Health, Agencies, Authorities current as of 6/13/08
18. Communicable Diseases current as of 1/1/06
19. Hospital Environmental, Hazardous, and Radiation Waste Regulations current as of 9/30/10

Volume III: Financing and Engaging in the Business of Healthcare
20. Government Payors of Medical Services current as of 12/31/14
21. Government Payors of Behavioral Health Services
22. Tax Exempt Bond Financing and Long Term Financing  current as of 9/30/14
23. State Taxes and Exemptions current as of 1/31/09
24. Washington State Fraud and Abuse Prohibitions current as of 4/29/10
25. Federal and State Antitrust Compliance current as of 10/20/08
26. Employment Issues current as of 1/31/07
27. Considerations Unique to Health Care Business
28. Maintenance of Business Records current as of 8/31/10
28.(A) Appendix A (Sample Records Management and Retention Policy) current as of 8/31/10


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