Vendors with COVID-19 Supplies for Hospitals

On this site you will find information about US-based manufacturers who are offering supplies that may be of help to your organization as it responds to the COVID-19 crisis. Questions? Contact Ed Phippen at or (206) 216-2556.

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CDC Guidelines of acceptable manufacturing, material, and performance standards that N95 masks must meet.

FDA guidelines for temporarily compounding hand sanitizer for the public health emergency.



  • Uhaul | Product: Boxes | Contact: Ryan Moore | | (602) 606-5447

Emergency Response Shelters


Infection Prevention

Patient Intake and Engagement

  • Formstack | Product: provides HIPAA-compliant digital forms for patient intake and engagement, document automation and eSignature. | Contact: Zak Pines | | (857) 250-3979

Portable Wash Stations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for more capacity of functional handwashing stations, UMC has designed and is currently fabricating portable wash stations that maintain safe, 6-foot social distancing for four people at a time with a capacity of up to 240 washes per hour. These stations require a 1-1/2” connection to a waste line and a 3/4” connection for cold water and come complete with an electric hot water heater, collection sump, and sump pump. They require a dedicated 15 amp circuit for 120V power.  

  • Dorse & Company | Seattle, WA | Contact: Robert Webb | | Direct: 206-218-1322 | Fax: 206-284-4523 | Cell: 425-260-6329


Reverse-Flow Units for Patient Isolation



Staffing/Contract Services

  • Care Captions, LLC | Product: Translation Services | Contact: Allyson Washkow | | (843) 779-9614
  • MultiMedical Systems, LLC | Product: Biomed staffing services | Contact: Perry Morgan | | (206) 696-4139
  • Unidine | Product: Dining Management, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, groundskeeping, plant operations, staffing | Contact: LJ Dimanche | | (803) 522-7655


  • Batelle | Product: Critical Care Decontamination SystemTM | Columbus, OH | Contact: John Cartige | | (614) 424-3508
  • Ozone | Product: Sterilization device Contact: Jon Brandt | | (888)-874-6062 | (Does not have FDA approval)
  • Viogard | Product: The Cubby – UV Sterilizer | Bothell, WA | Contact: | (425) 318-7900



Testing Supplies



Waste Management


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