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writing-104091_1920Data Analytics is a team of analysts that work to take hospital and health care data and turn it into information that can be used for better decision making. The Data Analytics team strives to build knowledge based on financial, utilization, and quality information. This knowledge supports WSHA’s patient safety, policy and advocacy work and helps tackle the challenges that face health care providers and systems in Washington State.


WSHA offers guidance to member hospitals for the submission of financial data as required by WAC statue. Information is submitted through the DATABANK platform. The online portal was developed through the Colorado Hospital Association and revised in Q3 2022 with enhanced validation and reporting features. The centralized location allows for streamline reporting and analysis of hospital utilization and financial data across fourteen states. For Washington, the information collected is aggregated and used by hospital leadership for decision support which compares trends from across the state.

The Databank manual

Quarterly Financial

This report is due 45 days after the close of each calendar quarter. Hospitals enter the required financial information monthly in DataBank.

Access: Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) will grant access to the submission site. WSHA provides DOH the same information in quarterly increments to satisfy this reporting requirement.

Reporting requirement questions: Email:,


Report required by WAC: 246-454-070 Required to submit: Health care institutions licensed under chapter 70.41 RCW or chapter 71.12 RCW

2023 Reporting Calendar

*As part of the WSHA commitment, reminder emails will be sent to CFOs and DATABANK users within 3 weeks of the expected file due date.

DATABANK is supervised by Data Analytics Manager, Serena Chai

Annual Report Schedule

Learn more about the Data Analytics Reports.

January No Reports Scheduled

Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

March No Reports Scheduled
April No Reports Scheduled
May IPPS Proposed Rule

SNF PPS Proposed Rule

IRF PPS Proposed Rule

Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

June IPF PPS Proposed Rule

LTCH PPS Proposed Rule

Critical Access and Small Rural Hospital DataBook

July OPPS Proposed Rule

Home Health PPS Proposed Rule

Wage Index Data Analysis

Occupational Mix Data Analysis

August IPPS Final Rule

SNF PPS Final Rule

IPF PPS Final Rule

Wage Index Reclassification Analysis

September IPF PPS Final Rule

LTCH PPS Final Rule

CAH DataBook

October No Reports Scheduled
November Home Health PPS Final Rule
December OPPS Final Rule


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