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Hospitals need help from the state and local governments as well as the media. You can join us in raising awareness about the information and initiatives below:

  • There are many hospital beds currently occupied by patients who have completed their hospital care and do not need to be there any longer. The state could help tremendously with hospital capacity by working more quickly to place these patients in community facilities such as adult family homes, long term care centers, or with home health.
  • The public should understand that most cases of COVID-19 will not mean hospitalization, or even a trip to an emergency room. Hospital care is a precious resource that needs to be reserved for those with the most serious symptoms.
  • In the event of a surge in demand, public health officials need to give hospitals flexibility in how care is delivered.

WSHA is currently coordination with our member hospitals, the DOH, health care coalitions and local public health officials. We will continue to gather information and resources and remain in communication with the larger health care community.


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