Chelene Whiteaker

  • Manages and implements WSHA’s policy and advocacy program for state/federal government affairs
  • Organizes and manages the Policy/Advocacy Team
  • Is the Treasurer of the Hospitals for a Healthy Future PAC and governs the decisions related to all campaign support

Zosia Stanley

  • Responsible for policy issues that address access to health care, including facility regulations, state coverage issues, and insurance benefits.
  • Support WSHA legal and regulatory work.
  • Policy areas include charity care, certificate of need, and health information privacy.

Andrew Busz


  • As part of the WSHA Policy/Advocacy team, participates in bill reviews and related activity during legislative session
  • Represents WSHA on the state Trauma Fund Technical Advisory Committee and Title XIX Advisory Group
  • WSHA Liaison to the North Central Hospital Council
  • Staff resource for WSHA oversight of Hospital Safety Net Assessment Program
  • Chairs or supports WSHA member task forces, including WSHA Medicaid Payment Task Force
  • Key content contributor to WSHA’s Fiscal Watch publication