WSHA’s focus on rural quality

January 28, 2016

Washington State’s rural hospitals have a long commitment to serving their communities and providing high-quality health care. All the hospitals in the state, from the smallest to the largest, from the most remote to the most convenient, post their quality scores on

WSHA is also committed to supporting these hospitals and their efforts to provide health care services that are based on best practices, in ways that fit the scale of the organizations and the many different needs they have. To that end, WSHA has a Rural Patient Safety Sub-Committee and implementation council whose purpose is to do just that. This member-driven work is under the guidance of the WSHA Patient Safety Committee linking rurals to this strength and dynamic work.

To read the latest on the rural patient-safety work, read the November and January newsletters. For more information, please contact Linda Michel, director of quality and performance improvement for rural hospitals. (Mary Kay Clunies-Ross)


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