WSHA welcomes new corporate member – UMC!

April 2, 2021

UMC logo. Originating in 1920 to serve the Pacific Northwest as a mechanical contractor, UMC has added a vast range of comprehensive, integrated expertise in preconstruction and solution development, build, facility services, energy and environment, manufacturing, building automation, and reality capture and equipment. UMC helps clients and partners plan, build and manage their buildings, facilities, or construction projects. As these programs present inherent technical and logistical complexity, UMC rises to the challenge of removing worry, delay and confusion, so clients and partners can get back to focusing on what they do best.

Health care facility systems require constant attention within critical operational spaces and often tight logistics. A well-executed work plan centering around creating safe and productive patient and staff environments is crucial. UMC helps administrators, stakeholders, patient care staff and construction teams create detailed design, build and service management plans so health care facilities and laboratories perform optimally. In the past decade, UMC has designed, constructed, and maintained more than two million square feet of hospital and lab space.
Overlake Medical Center building.
UMC’s most recently completed health care project is the Overlake Project FutureCare New East Tower (right).

Having completed over 75 energy-based projects within the last five years, UMC is highly focused on partnering with clients to identify, quantify and implement cost-effective resource conservation measures. With leadership driving policy-based efforts, including the Seattle Tune-up Program and the new Clean Buildings Standard, UMC helps clients cut energy bills, take the lead on green jobs in our region, avoid penalties and earn incentives. UMC has developed a niche within Washington State’s Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) marketplace by providing creative, deep-retrofit infrastructure renewal projects in existing buildings throughout the Puget Sound region.

For more information, contact UMC Senior Business Developer, Energy Services David McCaughey, CEM, at (425) 231-3104 or


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