WSHA Webcast May 24: Ending of the Medicaid Continuous Enrollment and Apple Health Redetermination in WA State

April 20, 2023

Following the expiration of the Covid public health emergency (PHE), states must resume activity to re-determine Medicaid eligibility for enrollees.

Hospitals can learn more about the Medicaid redetermination process during WSHA’s Medicaid redetermination webcast, which will be held on Wednesday May 24, 2023, from 4:00-5:00 pm.

To register for this webcast, please visit: Meeting Registration – Zoom.

According to the Health Care Authority, roughly 300,000 Apple Health clients will be impacted by the Medicaid recertification resuming as normal during the 12-month redetermination period. Clients should receive renewal notices prior to the end of their certification date over a rolling 12-month period. Renewal notices will include letters, brochures and automated text messages, among other means of communication and outreach. During this time, it is extremely important that clients update their income and address as needed to ensure that if they are still eligible, they remain on coverage and do not experience any gaps in care and to ensure they receive redetermination notices. Hospitals and providers have a key role in encouraging Medicaid patients to report changes online as well as over the phone or via email. Please visit the Renewing Apple Health Coverage FAQ for more information on the ways an individual can go about renewing their Apple Health Coverage. (Mary Storace,


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