WSHA to host webinar ‘“Just Culture and the Human Condition – Supporting Health Professionals with Substance Use and Mental Health Challenges’”

November 30, 2022

WSHA will host the webinar “Just Culture and the Human Condition – Supporting Healthcare Providers with Substance Use and Mental Health Challenges” from 1-2p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14, with John Furman, PhD, MSN, COHN-S. Register here.

Substance use and mental health concerns are becoming more common as health care professionals are challenged with high levels of work stress and burnout.

Dr. Furman works with the Washington Health Professional Services (WHPS) program as a consultant and education and outreach specialist. The WHPS program is the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission’s (NCQAC’s) approved alternative to the discipline substance use monitoring program, supporting nurses with substance use disorder while safeguarding the public by providing early identification, referral for treatment and structured monitoring services.

This webinar aims to increase understanding of challenges among health professionals with substance use and mental health concerns, clarify regulatory requirements for reporting impaired employees, and highlight strategies for applying just culture and reducing stigma in the workplace. Contact for more information. (Gena Ahlawat)


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