WSHA to host patient blood management in-person Safe Table May 16 in SeaTac

May 2, 2018

Join WSHA for a patient blood management (PBM) in-person Safe Table May 16 at The Conference Center at Sea-Tac Airport, with keynote speaker Dr. Jonathan H. Waters, who is a national expert in transfusion management, cell salvage and obstetrics. Two new PBM best practices were also recently published in the evidence-based peer review journals Transfusion and Anaesthesia.

Per the new best practices:

  1. Management of iron-deficient anemia is a target to avoid red blood cell transfusion, and awareness of this health problem should be among the first pillars for any patient PBM program.
  2. Preoperative correction of anaemia, reduction in intraoperative bypass time, and modification of iron homeostasis and hepcidin concentration might reduce acute kidney injury.

PBM is a multidisciplinary, multi-system, focused international health care priority that can improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Though some interpret PBM as simply transfusion and safe delivery of product, WSHA believes it is much more and recognizes new research and best practices. (Tamara Glover)


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