WSHA Safety and Quality Introduces: DELTA Day

November 1, 2019

Looking for an opportunity to assemble the right team, apply field-tested tools and develop a meaningful action plan to advance your quality goals? Sounds like you are a candidate for the next WSHA DELTA Day–WSHA’s most intensive quality improvement workshop to develop skills and knowledge required to immediately implement safety and quality programs!

DELTA stands for Design, Engage and Learn to Accelerate. Delta also refers to change, the desired outcome of implementation-focused workshops. The delta symbol (Δ) is a triangle which reflects key points of the day focused on building relationships, learning process and translating action to results.

DELTA Days are designed for implementation staff and focused on shared learning and rapid cycle improvement. Expect to receive practical tools and resources to launch or revamp quality improvement projects, as well as a fun and engaging atmosphere to work in! Teams of 2-5 are encouraged to attend.

Hospital teams will develop aims and action plans based on their specific problem statements. Post-event collaboration and implementation coaching is available to ensure team efforts are sustainable. Check out the WSHA Events Page to enroll in an upcoming DELTA Day event specific to your clinical program. Hospitals may also be contacted directly by WSHA staff if an upcoming DELTA Day is especially valuable to them.


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