WSHA Provides Finance Staff with Quality and Value-Based Purchasing Analyses

June 7, 2017

WSHA recently sent two hospital-specific reports to the chief financial officer at each of our member hospitals.

  • Quality Program Measure Trends Analysis

This provides a comparative review over time of the quality data collected and published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  In aggregate, Washington hospitals ranked highly compared to other states in limiting elective deliveries less than 39 weeks and readmission rates.  Washington hospitals generally ranked in the middle of the range for other measures.

  • Value Based Purchasing Impact Analysis – FFY 2018 Program

This provides an estimate of the payment impact of the federal fiscal year 2018 Medicare inpatient hospital value based payment program, which carves out two percent of payment and distributes it based on performance.  Washington overall is expected to rank 20th among states and receive an estimated net payment gain of about $1.6 million.  Estimated individual hospital impact varies significantly, ranging from a gain of about $877,000 to a net loss of about $730,000.  (Andrew Busz,

If you have questions on either of these reports, please contact Andrea Palmiter at   or Andrew Busz at


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