WSHA Hosts 2019 Webinar Series for Preventing Falls and Fall-related Injuries

January 7, 2019

Falls with serious injury are consistently listed among the Top 10 Sentinel events reported to the Joint Commission Sentinel Event database. WSHA has planned an intensive 6-month learning series in 2019 designed specifically for hospitals to tackle fall and fall-with-injury rates. While extensive clinical research and evidence-based strategies in fall prevention exist, reducing falls with injury in the hospital environment remains difficult and this series will address the most significant challenges.

WSHA will host two one-hour Learning Collaboratives webinars monthly with Dr. Patricia Quigley, designed to help hospitals in achieve 100% compliance in post-fall huddles and leverage the power of post-fall analysis, which is critical to building a sustainable post-fall program based on efficiency and reliability of the post fall huddle.

Several factors contribute to falls, such as variation in assessment tools to identify fall risk factors, ineffective communication and handoffs, inadequately individualizing a patient’s plan of care and the physical environment. Key elements for a sustainable fall prevention program include:

  • Organizational leadership support.
  • An interdisciplinary and diverse team that meets routinely and systematically to analyze fall data and identify trends and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • A standard comprehensive fall risk assessment tool, communication plan and educational training for all staff.
  • Patient and family engagement.
  • A standard post-fall management process.

The knowledge gained from this program will improve hospitals’ use of the post-fall huddle, create critical understanding of the root causes of falls and injury and redesign data analysis for efficiency and effectiveness.

Intensive Learning Collaboratives for Reducing Falls with Injury:  Effectiveness and Efficiency of Post Fall Analysis


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