Workforce spotlight: Nurse technician (student nurse) information

September 23, 2021

WSHA wants to ensure members are aware of the option to include the nurse technician (student nurse) role at your hospital, clinic or long-term care unit. With the critical nurse staffing shortage, if not already being utilized, this position may provide more help to the teams at hospitals and other health care facilities in our region.

Established in Washington law in 2003, a nursing technician (NTEC) is a nursing student preparing for licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN) licensure who meets the qualifications for licensure under RCW 18.79.340. The law specifically outlines the nursing functions of the NTEC within the limits of their education and up to their skill and knowledge (RCW 18.79.350), including those functions considered outside the scope of a NTEC. The application process for NTECs is through the Washington Nursing Commission and governed by RCW 18.79.360. Please contact Senior Director for Safety and Quality Trish Anderson if you have any questions. (Alicia Eyler)


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