WHS Industry Partner Carena and the virtual clinic experience

September 24, 2015

Washington Hospital Services is partnering with Seattle-based virtual care provider Carena to help members meet the growing demand for convenient access to care. The service gives hospitals the opportunity to provide their communities with access to virtual care right from their own websites.

Much like a visit to the doctor’s office, patients register with the system and submit a request for medical care using interactive software. They are then guided through the steps to receive care virtually or are assisted in selecting a facility that matches their immediate need. Once matched, a typical visit takes less than 30 minutes, saving time for both patients and physicians. Learn how Carena is successfully partnering with WSHA members by watching this video on the virtual care experience. For a demo, please contact Chad Ramage at (206) 639-6920, or Paul Unsworth at (206) 577-1806.


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