WHS and WSHA launch ‘Quality 101: Safety and Quality Fundamentals for Healthcare Leaders’

April 5, 2023

In many organizations, newly minted quality leaders are picked for their technical leadership, prowess and interpersonal skills. They are typically responsible for influencing quality improvement across their hospitals and systems. Washington Hospital Services’ Quality 101 program is intended to help these new leaders thrive and be successful in their roles.

This 10-week virtual program provides subject matter expertise from WSHA’s safety and quality leaders to form and share the foundational elements of quality improvement in the health care setting. Participants will learn key concepts to promote and influence quality in their organizations, and they will be provided with the skills and support to apply this knowledge to the specific needs and goals within their own organization. Participants will also build and enhance professional networks through cohort group discussions and networking. The program supports quality leader professionals, providers, infection control professionals and anyone in the health care setting leading quality improvement work. Continuing education credits are available for this program.

This virtual program occurs every other Tuesday from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. beginning May 30. For additional details and registration information, please visit this page. (Jessica Symank)


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