Whidbey General Hospital reveals new name — WhidbeyHealth — to unify its health system

February 4, 2016

Geri Forbes reveals Whidbey name change
CEO Geri Forbes reveals Whidbey General Hospital’s name change, to WhidbeyHealth, at a community meeting.

Whidbey General Hospital began as a single facility in 1970, but a lot has changed in the last 45 years, with the hospital growing into a $100-million-per-year health network. It now has eight clinics, from Oak Harbor to Clinton, that go by almost as many different names. With this growth and demand for health care service in the community, it is changing its name to WhidbeyHealth.

“We’re not just a general hospital anymore,” CEO Geri Forbes said. “From our Family Birthplace to hospice care, we provide a wide range of integrated services for every stage of life.”

The name change will provide clarity and convenience for the system’s patients, unifying its services under a common name and demonstrating the continuity of care it provides to the community. The change also reflects a shift in attitude and direction toward a more proactive, patient-centered approach to connecting with island residents. The unified health system will help hone processes, technology, communication and training that will ultimately lead to better patient care.

Along with a new inpatient wing, the new, unified name will attract new providers and key staff.

Patient-centered care is key when it comes building a healthy community, which is one of the Triple Aims of health care. The Triple Aim is positively transforming the way care is being provided across our state. Click here to read more. (Tim Pfarr)


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