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March 5, 2024

We all rely on a strong health care workforce to deliver quality care, and staffing hospitals and care settings is a complex, multifaceted and dynamic process. Last year, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 5236: Washington State’s staffing law. A direct result of collaboration between Washington state hospitals and health care unions, SB 5236 aims to strengthen existing staffing laws to uphold the highest patient care and worker safety standards in urban and rural settings. The law is a commitment to supporting the well-being of both patients and hospital workforces.

SB 5236 offers Washington hospitals and health care unions an opportunity to fortify and improve the staffing committee process. On Jan. 1, hospitals established hospital staffing committees (HSCs) to add LPNs, CNAs and unlicensed nursing personnel to the existing RN and hospital leadership membership.

In the coming weeks and months, the HSCs will meet to work on their annual nurse staffing plans. To help ensure plans come together seamlessly and all aspects of the law are implemented, WSHA is pleased to launch a member education campaign to ensure hospitals and impacted stakeholders have helpful resources and access to important information. Resources and pertinent information will be housed and updated regularly on our new website, TogetherforPatientCareWA.com.

As you work to implement the law, we are here to help throughout the process. If you have any questions on this effort, please contact WSHA Director Safety and Quality Gena Ahlawat at genaa@wsha.org. (Gena Ahlawat)


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