A week to celebrate hospitals and nurses

May 12, 2016

In health care, we’re in the business of helping people. At WSHA, we help by supporting our members, helping them provide high-quality care to their patients and their communities. However, our hospital and health system members are the ones who are on the ground level, helping people every day as they walk through the doors of the emergency department, check in for surgery or come to a clinic for a check-up.

Throughout my career in health care, I have been lucky enough to work with many hardworking health care professionals who come to work each and every day to directly make a difference in somebody’s life. I can tell you that these men and women have tremendous commitment, and that their jobs are by no means easy.

Nurses play a particularly central role. They care for patients across so many facets, helping and healing, and offering a comforting hand. They are the foundation for much of our entire health care system, making a difference one patient at a time. Their work supports the work of entire hospitals, health systems and organizations like WSHA. We are proud to have a number of nurses on our staff: General Counsel Taya Briley, Senior Vice President for Patient Safety Carol Wagner, Senior Director for Patient Safety Lucia Austin-Gil, Policy Director for Clinical Issues Ian Corbridge, and directors of Quality and Performance Improvement Diane Pitchford and Ryan Hosken.

In honor of National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week (culminating today on the birthday of the late Florence Nightingale), we at WSHA would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our state’s hospitals, health systems and nurses. Your work is the reason we’re here, and it’s our pleasure to represent and support you.


Scott Bond
President and CEO


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