Webinar – ‘Manufacturer Mandates and 340B ESP – A Panel Discussion’

October 25, 2022

Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner SUNRx is excited to bring you insights on how your hospital can plan for an efficient and compliant 340B claims capture program. Join AuthorityRx President Aaron Lott and SUNRx Managing Principal, Account Management, Donna Petty for “Manufacturer Mandates and 340B ESP – A Panel Discussion” from 11 a.m. to noon Thursday, Nov. 10. Register here.

The current environment some drug companies have created has significantly disrupted the 340B drug pricing program’s administration and, in turn, created financial shortfalls for entities across the country. Though the mission of 340B ESP is to bring pharmaceutical manufacturers and 340B-covered entities together to improve 340B program transparency, several common stakeholder challenges have surfaced that create significant disruption.

Your hospital can benefit from more savings from the 340B pricing program by learning about these challenges. Hospitals must stay vigilant and compliantly optimize their 340B claims capture programs.

This panel discussion will help provide valuable insights on how your hospital can effectively manage engagement with 340B ESP that includes:

  • Historical review: How did our current state of regulatory affairs get here?
  • Current regulatory environment: A review of current regulatory activity.
  • Implications moving forward: Things your entity should consider moving forward.

SunRx is a Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner. The Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care. For more information about SunRx or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Ed Phippen, edp@wsha.org, (206) 216-2556. (Cynthia Hay)


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