Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner Sensato – offering cybersecurity for hospitals and other health care organizations – is now part of CloudWave

January 11, 2023

Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner Sensatooffering cybersecurity for hospitals and other health care organizations – is now part of CloudWave. Sensato takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity by helping health care organizations comply, detect, and respond to cybersecurity risks and threats, providing solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges of health care information technology. Together with CloudWave, the partnership will bring together leading-edge cloud hosting services and managed cybersecurity-as-a-service to provide a seamless, enhanced experience to hospitals and health care organizations. See this press release for more information.

Sensato’s programs, solutions, services, training and intelligence gathering are the product of working with hundreds of hospitals to uncover cybersecurity gaps and challenges. The Sensato Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution is a fully integrated cybersecurity platform. CaaS provides real-time packet-level monitoring of network traffic, host intrusion detection and asset fingerprinting. The solution includes a compliance and incident response module for health care infrastructure, including patient-attached medical devices and IoT devices.

The CloudWave U.S.-based Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) embraces a unique tactical approach that includes 24×7 “eyes on glass” monitoring. The CTOC was explicitly designed for health care and is part of the CloudWave ISAO, which has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the FDA and H-ISAC, which means that the FDA consults with the Sensato cybersecurity team when national threats to medical devices are suspected. The CTOC includes an incident response center, and the first clinical cybersecurity rapid incident response program specifically designed for medical device attacks.

Health care partner organizations will have the benefit of leveraging vulnerability assessments, best practices, risk management and cybersecurity maturity modeling to maintain compliance.

Sensato is a Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner. The Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care. For more information about Sensato, CloudWave  or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Ed Phippen, edp@wsha.org, or (206) 216-2556. (Ep Phippen)



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