Washington Hospital Services announces 2021 Top Performer Program

January 8, 2021

Washington Hospital Services (WHS) is pleased to announce the 2021 Top Performer Program! The program is designed to highlight best practices from member hospitals, as well as allow those organizations that demonstrate a resolute commitment to employee health and safety a chance to be recognized!

WHS is focused on how your hospital demonstrates that commitment to your employees through a series of compliance audits and continuous improvement activities. In addition, Top Performers receive both a monetary prize and formal recognition from WSHA Senior Leadership. All WHS member hospitals are encouraged to participate.

The 2021 Top Performer Program will focus on compliance and will consist of a two-part, non-clinical audit designed to enhance your existing workplace safety program, highlight potential gaps, and identify improvement opportunities. Members that complete both phases of the project will receive a $2500 award from WHS and recognition for your hospital as a 2021 Top Performer from the Board at the annual WSHA Conference. To be eligible, the project must be completed prior to the deadline of Oct. 1st, 2021. Incomplete or late projects will not be eligible for consideration.  Past winners have used this award to purchase new equipment and/or technology and to promote the employee safety and health programs.

If you would like more information about the WHS Top Performer Program, please contact Eric Gutzwiler at ericg@wsha.org or (509) 741-7561 or Brian Earl at briane@wsha.org or (206) 216-2534.


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