Violence prevention training requirements during COVID

June 11, 2020

Addressing workplace violence is a priority for hospitals to ensure the best care setting for patients and work environment for staff and providers. As required by law, hospitals have been working hard to provide violence prevention training by the July 1, 2020 deadline. The COVID pandemic has disrupted many training capabilities. Social distancing requirements, re-prioritization of staff and competing demand for resources has forced hospitals to pause trainings and timelines to keep staff safe.

WSHA has been in discussion with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries regarding the training deadline and enforcement requirements. We are working to reach an agreement that prioritizes violence prevention trainings but provides hospitals flexibility. We hope to share the details of any agreement in the coming weeks. WSHA will host a webinar on the law and training requirements during the COVID pandemic after an agreement is reached. Contact Ian Corbridge at if you have questions about violence prevention training, the new law or quality improvement efforts related to workplace violence prevention.


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