Time to promote flu vaccines

September 30, 2021

It’s easy for the pandemic to leave people feeling helpless as individuals. Research shows that helping people focus on what they can control — the actions that will keep them healthy — can be energizing. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask in public. Practice good hand hygiene. Now, WSHA is urging people to add getting their flu vaccine to this list.

Please join us in sharing with people across Washington that flu vaccines for the year are waiting at health care facilities and pharmacies across the state, and it’s not too early to get protected for the upcoming flu season. We know people may think the flu is not a threat since last year was such a low flu season. But we know the flu can hit hospitals hard, and the combination of COVID-19 and the flu could further overwhelm our health system in the coming months.

Let your residents know that by taking simple precautions they are helping. Urge them to continue protecting themselves and others from COVID-19 and know that when they get their flu vaccine for the year, they are taking another small step toward ending this pandemic.

The Washington State Department of Health also has a toolkit of resources — including posters, scripts, and social media and newsletter copy — that you can share with your residents.


Cassie Sauer
WSHA President & CEO


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