Tele-pharmacy offers innovative ways to ensure access to pharmacy services across the state

August 9, 2017

Pharmacy services are a critical component to hospital operations and supporting the health of a community. Tele-pharmacy — the uses of technology to enable a pharmacist to remotely monitor the activities of a pharmacy technician to avoid issues such as compounding drugs — offers new and innovative ways to ensure access to high-quality pharmacy services. This practice is important in maintaining access to lifesaving drugs, particularly in rural or underserved areas.

While tele-pharmacy pilots exist on a limited basis in Washington, there are no permanent rules that allow the process on a regular basis. WSHA has been advocating for the past couple years that the state Pharmacy Commission adopt permanent rules governing the practice of tele-pharmacy. We look forward to working with the commission and hospital pharmacists as the commission looks to modernize its rules, particularly around the use of technology. (Ian Corbridge)


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