Inside Olympia: Thank you for joining us for Advocacy Days; mergers whistleblower bill, home health shortage areas to get hearings

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Advocacy Days last week! This Friday marks the cutoff for bills to pass out of their committees of origin.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: WSHA-backed bills get hearings and Hospital Advocacy Days is here!

This week many of the bills we worked closely with lawmakers to craft will get their first hearings. Also, Advocacy Days starts Wednesday. See you in Olympia!... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Increasing oversight of freestanding psychiatric hospitals, establishing a cost transparency board and more

The WSHA team has analyzed and is tracking close to 250 bills with more being introduced every day. Legislative committees are busy hearing bills and will start to take action on some of them, meaning passing them to budget committees or to the rules committee ... Read More >>

Legislative session is now underway

Inside Olympia from Jan. 13, 2020....

Analysis of the governor’s 2020 supplemental budget

Gov. Inslee released his proposed 2020 supplemental budget today. There are no major funding cuts to health care nor new taxes proposed. There are also modest investments in health care... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Legislature reaches 2019-21 budget agreement

The Legislature has reached a budget agreement for the 2019-2021 biennium, which will allow the 2019 legislative session to conclude on time on April 28. ... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Surprise amendment to nurse staffing restricts patient care

SHB 1155 passed the Senate with an amendment that would limit all nursing shifts to eight hours in a 24-hour period. It would be a strict prohibition on longer shifts, with no exceptions. We strongly oppose the amendment.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Hospital uninterrupted breaks bill advances, second cutoff has passed

Wednesday, April 3 was the policy cutoff for bills in the opposite chamber. Many of the bills WSHA supported continue to move through the process, but a small handful of very troubling bills continues to advance as well.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Senate releases budget, also positive for health care

Today, the Senate released its proposed 2019-21 operating budget, following the release of its capital budget earlier in the week. The Senate’s budget contains similar themes as the House budget, and it is also positive for health care. ... Read More >>

House releases budget, overall positive for health care

Earlier today, the House released its proposed 2019-21 budget. It is positive overall, with no cuts to health care. It also funds the hospital Safety Net Assessment amd invests in behavioral health.... Read More >>

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