High-priority bills continuing to advance approaching chamber of origin cutoff

Tuesday, March 9, marks the next cutoff of session, when all bills must pass through their chamber of origin to continue advancing... Read More >>

Liability protection bill passes the Senate

We are pleased to report that SSB 5271, which provides liability protections for providers responding to COVID-19, has passed the Senate... Read More >>

First cutoff of session: Good news and some disappointments

We are pleased to report that many important bills are still alive and many harmful bills are no longer moving forward.... Read More >>

Provider and facility liability protections and regulation of acute care hospitals

The first cutoff of session is coming Feb. 15, when most bills must pass out of their chamber of origin.... Read More >>

Financial transparency, public option, companion bill for audio-only telemedicine

Bringing you the latest information from the state legislative session... Read More >>

Telemedicine, emergency waivers, Certificate of Need waivers for psychiatric hospitals, worker benefits

This week WSHA will be addressing major legislation related to telemedicine, emergency waivers, Certificate of Need waivers for psychiatric hospitals and worker benefits... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Establishing health emergency labor standards, Qui Tam and more

The session is off to a quick start, and WSHA will be addressing the following major legislation this week.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Legislative session 2021 is now underway

Hearings and most voting will be held virtually this year due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic... Read More >>

Governor Inslee Releases His 2021-23 Operating Budget – New Revenue Used to Balance the Budget

The governor balanced the budget by maximizing savings, using some reserves, narrowing the “bad debt” tax loophole and introducing new revenue.... Read More >>

Inside Olympia: Final budget released

The budget includes an additional $1 billion in new revenue since the 2019-21 budget was released last year. Overall, the final budget is positive for health care and WSHA is pleased to see many of our priorities at least partially funded. ... Read More >>

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