Deadline Friday for bills to pass through committees

Friday Feb. 5 is the last day to pass bills from legislative committees to the floor in the house of origin (except for House fiscal committees and the Senate Ways & Means and transportation committees). We are focused this week on making sure the bills we support make it out of committee.... Read More >>

Making law enforcement body camera footage public: Concerns with House Bill 2362

House Bill 2362 governs how the public can request footage taken by a body camera from a law enforcement officer via the Public Records Act (PRA). The bill also directs law enforcement agencies to develop polices on the use of body cameras and creates a task force to study and make recommendations on all aspects of the use of body-worn cameras for surveillance, gathering evidence, and transparency and accountability in interactions between law enforcement officials and members of the public.... Read More >>

Pharmacy licensing for hospital-based clinics: Support Senate Bill 6558

Senate Bill 6558 is a top priority for WSHA this session, and it would provide direction to the state Pharmacy Commission and Department of Health on how to implement current law (SB 5460) about pharmacy services and licensing. Although SB 5460 was enacted last year, it has not yet been implemented. This would allow hospitals an efficient way to license their clinics and transfer essential medications to them.... Read More >>

Thank you for last week, January 18-22!

We are very thankful for everyone who came down to testify! Your testimony is essential for helping legislators and the public to understand the real impact of proposed legislation.... Read More >>

WSHA legislative testimony: January 25-29

A summary of the bills WSHA will testify on from Jan. 25-29... Read More >>

I-1366 overturned by King County Superior Court

The King County Superior Court ruled last week that Initiative 1366 is unconstitutional. I-1366 — from Tim Eyman — would decrease the state sales tax by 1 percent in April if the legislature did not pass a constitutional amendment requiring a supermajority to raise taxes. The state sales tax loss would have taken $1.4 billion out of the state budget in its first year.... Read More >>

The legislature turns up the heat on Western State Hospital

Frustrated by recent safety findings by the federal government and the decision to postpone the opening of new units, the state House and Senate have held several hearings to understand the plan for improving Western State Hospital. Legislation has been introduced to create a legislative oversight committee, and many questions are being raised about how to move forward.... Read More >>

Prescription Monitoring Program: Support House Bill 2730

This morning, the House Health Care & Wellness Committee will hold a public hearing on House Bill 2730, which expands access to the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) to all licensed providers who can prescribe legend drugs, and making it easier for providers within hospitals to access PMP data. ... Read More >>

Flexibility for WRHAP Critical Access Hospitals: Support House Bill 2450

On Friday, the House Health Care & Wellness Committee will hold a public hearing for House Bill 2450, which would give critical access hospitals taking part in a pilot program the ability to return to critical access status if they so choose when the pilot is complete.... Read More >>

Participate in the interstate medical licensure compact: Support Senate Bill 6228

On Tuesday, the Senate Health Care Committee will hold a public hearing for Senate Bill 6228. The bill seeks to have Washington State participate in a multi-state compact that would streamline physician licensure and make it easier for doctors to practice in multiple states. ... Read More >>

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