WSHA provides financial and quality analyses to hospitals

WSHA recently produced and sent a series of hospital-specific analyses to the chief financial officer or other designated finance persons at each of our member hospitals.... Read More >>

Reduce costs without compromising patient care by refurbished equipment

How can providers see more patients and maintain excellent patient care while juggling reductions in reimbursement and bundled payment scenarios? This is a question on the forefront of everyone’s minds and has probably caused more than a few sleepless nights.... Read More >>

Commerce Bank: Providing Value for our Members in their Accounts Payable Processes

WSHA Industry Partner Commerce Bank is helping hospitals transform their accounts payable processes and identify and realize potential savings.... Read More >>

Are you ready for MOON? WSHA offers a webinar: February 22 12:00-1:00

Effective March 8, hospitals, including critical access hospitals, must notify Medicare patients when the patients are placed into outpatient observation status.... Read More >>

WSHA at work on legislative Issues impacting hospitals

WSHA staff is currently engaged in many bills and issues this legislative session that will affect hospitals financial status.... Read More >>

Washington State hospitals standardize charity care forms and communications

WSHA member hospitals have come together to standardize and simplify charity care forms and communications. ... Read More >>

Washington Health Services Partner Provides Guidance about Delegated Credentialing

It can take more than a year to complete the provider enrollment process with a payer.... Read More >>

WSHA Reviews Medicaid Managed Care Rule

WSHA reviewed a recent Final Rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which could significantly impact payments Washington and others states receive through the Medicaid program.... Read More >>

State Budget Dependent on Medicaid Expansion

As the legislature works this year to develop its four- year budget, the discussions in DC have large ramifications for Washington State’s budget... Read More >>

State Medicaid Cuts to Hospital Based Clinics Could be $75 Million Per Year

The Health Care Authority recently provided us with details on the proposed Governor’s budget cuts to hospital based clinics.... Read More >>

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