Bree Collaborative’s Draft Recommendations and Warranty for Heart Surgery

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform you about the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative Collaborative's draft report on heart surgery and the companion warranty, and encourage you to comment on the reports (via the Collaborative’s online survey here.... Read More >>

CMS Draft Rule on Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

This bulletin is intended to inform hospital Finance and Quality leaders about the Washington State Hospital Association’s (WSHA’s) resources available around the new proposal from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on bundled payment for hip and knee replacements, known as Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CCJR). The resources include data, a web conference, and staff to help answer questions.... Read More >>

Family Petitions of Involuntary Detention Decisions: SB 5269

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide you with information about a new law, Senate Bill 5269, known as Joel’s Law, that allows family members and legal guardians to petition the court to review an involuntary detention decision under the Involuntary Treatment Act. The Washington State Hospital Association would like to thank Eric Neiman, Attorney, Portland Managing Partner of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith for contributing to this bulletin.... Read More >>

State Releases Medicaid Global Waiver Application – Seeks Comments

This bulletin is intended to inform you of opportunities to provide public comment on the state’s work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to seek a global waiver for the transformation of Medicaid. The state is seeking $3 billion in federal funds to support transformation. The state plans to submit its application to CMS in September 2015. WSHA and AWPHD want your comments and feedback on our draft letter to the state.... Read More >>

New Notice and Timing Requirements for Medical Liens

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of new requirements to the medical lien law. Please share with your financial assistance staff as appropriate. A new law (HB 1053) on medical liens was enacted this session. The law creates new requirements to provide notice of the use of medical liens and to remove liens following payment. This provision applies to all Washington state hospitals that use medical liens. The law goes into effect on July 24, 2015.... Read More >>

Implications of King v. Burwell for Washington State

The purpose of this bulletin is to highlight potential implications for Washington State of the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in King v. Burwell. The key question in King v. Burwell is whether subsidies (tax credits and cost-sharing) will continue to be available for people who purchase health insurance through a marketplace created by the federal government. Most news coverage of King v. Burwell focuses on the impact for states with federally-run health exchanges. Washington State operates a state-run exchange, but the case could have consequences nationally which impact our state.... Read More >>

New Requirement to Conduct Congenital Heart Disease Screenings for All Newborns

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of new requirements to perform Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) screenings for all newborns born in the state. The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) supported the change in requirements because the health of newborns is important. We believe all hospitals are currently performing these screens.... Read More >>

State’s Proposal to Waive Medicaid Requirements in Order to Accelerate Transformation

This bulletin provides information on the state’s plan to apply for a waiver of federal Medicaid requirements in order to accelerate its work on health care system transformation. ... Read More >>

SBC: New Emergency Rule Effective April 21 for Patients with Medical Conditions

The purpose of this bulletin is to: Inform hospitals of the new emergency rule filed on April 21 by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) impacting single bed certification for patients with medical conditions and provide updated designated mental health professional protocols to hospitals. Pages 23 and 24 contain information about single bed certification.... Read More >>

Update to Safety Net Assessment Program Accounting Recommendations

This memorandum is intended to update guidance to hospitals concerning financial reporting of hospital safety net assessment program-related expenses and payments. This update provides information on a recent Center for Medicare & Medicaid Service’s (CMS’s) approval of the Medicaid managed care contracts for the period ending December 31, 2013. ... Read More >>

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