2017 Legislative Changes to Nurse Staffing Committee Requirements

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform you about 2017 legislative changes to nurse staffing committee requirements and provide resources to help ensure compliance and success under the new law.... Read More >>

Medicaid Financial Integration: Mid Adopter Considerations

The purpose of this bulletin is to help you understand the implications of regions and counties pursuing mid adopter financial integration of Medicaid benefits for behavioral health.... Read More >>

HCA Releases Information on Initial Demonstration Dollar Amounts

The purpose of this bulletin is to make you aware of recent developments on the Medicaid demonstration waiver. Recently, the Health Care Authority’s technical advisory consultant, Manatt, released information on the magnitude of dollars available through this work. ... Read More >>

Medicaid demonstration underway; ACHs forming project committees that need provider input

Over the next five years, the state Health Care Authority will be distributing up to $1.1 billion through the Heathier Washington demonstration. By the end of this year, the Authority has initially indicated it will distribute up to $240 million statewide to jump start this work. Most of the dollars will flow to providers that participate in approved projects through their ACH. The ACHs are forming committees and groups now that will make key decisions on the local projects that will drive this funding.... Read More >>

Healthier WA Draft Project Toolkit Released – $1.1 billion in Medicaid Transformation Funds Available

The purpose of this bulletin is to share with hospitals and health systems the pre-draft toolkit for the Medicaid waiver transformation projects. Once final, the toolkit will guide the work of global waiver in the nine Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) regions over the next five years. Up to $1.1 billion in funding will be available for providers interested in participating in the identified projects, with funding released when project milestones are achieved.... Read More >>

Nondiscrimination Policy Updates; HHS Final Rule, “Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities” Implementing Section 1557 of the ACA

  To: Chief Executive Officers, Hospital and Health System Counsel, and Chief Nursing Officers From: Zosia Stanley, JD, MHA, Policy Director and Gavin Keene, Legal Extern Staff contact: Zosia Stanley, ZosiaS@wsha.org or (206) 216-2511   Purpose This bulletin will help your hospital comply with the final nondiscrimination rule implementing Section 1557 of the federal Affordable... Read More >>

Budget Neutrality Adjustment Factors: Adjustments to Medicaid Rates

This bulletin provides hospitals with information about recent rate notification changes effective June 1stfrom the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA). It also provides information about additional rate changes that may be implemented over the next six months.... Read More >>

City of Seattle Shift Survey Participation – Due June 30, 2016

The City of Seattle is considering new restrictions on shift schedules for those working in the city limits. As part of this effort, the city’s Office of Labor standards is conducting a shift scheduling survey for both employers and employees in the greater Seattle area. The survey is intended for all shift workers, and has the potential for significant impact on health care shift workers.... Read More >>

Opportunity to recruit and retain providers to your community

The purpose of this bulletin is to remind rural organizations with clinics to apply to become a National Health Shortage Community (NHSC) approved site. It does take time to gather the application materials for the submission deadline of June 7, 2016.... Read More >>

Universal Adoption of Standard Financial Assistance Application and Standard Communication Plan

This bulletin’s purpose is to share the WSHA-developed standard financial assistance/charity care application and standard communication plan for communicating about financial assistance/charity care and recommend that all hospitals adopt both documents. ... Read More >>

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