Support maternal and newborn health with accessible contraception

January 14, 2022

Access to immediate postpartum contraception (IPPC) – or receiving birth control before being discharged from the hospital or birthing center – is critical to maternal and newborn health. Yet inconsistent and unclear standards on how insurance pays for it means far too many in Washington state don’t have easy access to it. House Bill 1651 would require insurers to provide separate payment to providers for IPPC that is provided immediately following delivery rather than bundling it into the payment for the delivery itself.

Studies show that access to IPPC is associated with higher patient satisfaction, longer contraceptive coverage, fewer unintended pregnancies, and cost savings for payers and health care systems compared to outpatient postpartum insertion.

For this reason, WSHA has signed on in support of HB 1651, “An Act Relating to Allowing Providers to Bill Separately for Immediate Postpartum Contraception,” to increase access to IPPC for all Washingtonians. Our goal is to support maternal and newborn health by increasing access to immediate postpartum contraception for all patients.

HB 1651 is also supported by Upstream, a non-profit that partners with health centers to strengthen reproductive care and autonomy through increasing equitable access to contraceptive options. Learn more about this legislation and the importance of IPPC on


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