Stericycle to host management & disposal of sponsor-controlled substance waste

April 16, 2020

Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner Stericycle is pleased to introduce a new full service program to help you manage and dispose of your controlled substance waste. Introducing the CsRx System: a safe and secure solution to dispose of your controlled substance waste.

CsRx Full Service System includes:

  • Filling the container for activation
  • Solidifying the container when full
  • Packaging the full container for shipment back to Stericycle with the hazardous waste shipments
  • Replacing the full container with a new activated container

CsRx Full Service System provides staff training, relieves staff from monitoring and exchanging containers, and has built in security to ensure low potential for diversion.

For more information, check out the introductory video below! Note: #4 in the video is for most of the rest of the country – the full containers are shipped back to Stericycle with the hazardous waste/black bin RCRA containers. In Washington it gets managed as hazardous waste and Stericycle will come and pick it up from your facility.

Contact Ed Phippen at or (206) 216-2556 for additional details about Stericycle or Washington Hospital Services’ Industry Partner Program.


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