Specialized pharmacies help manage opioid risks

January 12, 2017

cordant-health-solutions-logoRecently, the DEA mandated steep cuts in the production of opioid pain medication in an attempt to combat the opioid epidemic in our country. However, those cuts may not stop medication-addicted patients. Industry Partner Cordant Health Solutions is suggesting that establishing specialized controlled substances pharmacies provides a better solution to help prevent medication abuse and assure that legitimate pain patients will continue to receive the medication they need.

In Colorado, prescribers have leveraged specialized pharmacies to establish a process by which they can control the distribution and the consumption of opioids. The process they are using addresses the underlying risk management concerns that come with addiction and drug-seeking behavior that a simple reduction in the supply of opioids does not. To learn more about how specialized pharmacies can be used to combat the opioid epidemic, please read the full testimonial here. Click here to learn more about Washington Hospital Services’ Industry Partner program. (Paul Unsworth)


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