Six Building Blocks program guides quality improvement in opioid management

January 17, 2020

The University of Washington and Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute are offering a free, Washington State Department of Health-funded training program for quality improvement personnel interested in learning how to guide clinics in implementing opioid management improvements through the evidence-based Six Building Blocks Program. Quality improvement personnel will learn how to coach clinics in six key work areas, or “Building Blocks:”

  1. Engaging leadership and securing consensus
  2. Revising policies and standard work
  3. Tracking patients on chronic opioid therapy
  4. Planning for visits and providing patient-centered care
  5. Developing resources to care for complex patients (e.g., opioid use disorder)
  6. Measuring success

The training includes a one and one-half day in-person training, skill-building webinars, shared learning opportunities, and access to coaching workbooks and resources. Trainees will apply their learnings by coaching one-to-two clinics affiliated with their organization during the training program. Eligible organizations and their affiliated clinics may not have made any improvements or may already have made several improvements to management of patients with chronic pain. Travel costs to the training are covered by the Department of Health funding. If you’d like to learn more, please contact practice facilitator and trainer Brooke Ike at

(Article authored by Brooke Ike)


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