Sign up for WHS leadership webinar: Negotiation as a Leadership Skill

August 10, 2023

Register now for the webinar “Negotiation as a Leadership Skill” on Wednesday, Aug. 23 from noon-1 p.m., presented by Pam Cunningham, LEAD Academy facilitator.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your workday is spent negotiating with your employees, peers and colleagues, and senior leadership? Have you learned tools and strategies along the way that have helped you become successful at it? Or are you often frustrated with outcomes that are not always in the best interest of you, your team or the organization? 

The term negotiation refers to a strategic discussion intended to resolve an issue in a way that both parties find acceptable. Negotiations involve give and take, which means one or both parties will usually need to make some concessions.”  – Investopedia 

The definition of negotiations according to Investopedia refers to a discussion intended to resolve an issue both parties find acceptable. This is what is known as a win-win outcome, but the key word highlighted above is intended. People can have the best intentions but come away from a negotiation’s discussion with unacceptable outcomes, hard feelings or damaged relationships. How can managers and leaders, or anyone in the organization who finds themselves often in a negotiating position achieve win-win outcomes? 

Join us for a short and interactive thought-leadership session to learn or refresh your knowledge, strategies and skills to best influence acceptable outcomes for all parties. We will cover at a high level traditional types of negotiations and strategies, different options and strategies and when to use them both for short and long-term win-win outcomes and key steps required for successful negotiation processes. (Jenn Bui)


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