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June 2, 2023

Register now for the webinar “The project was on time, on budged, on specification. So why was it a failure?” and learn from the experts at Total Systems Education, a premier approved training provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Incomplete/inadequate requirements, unclear objectives and “scope creep” are frequently listed as the top reasons why projects fail. However, if you dig deeper, the real reason is that they did not deliver what the customer actually needed, as opposed to what they said they needed or thought they needed.

Even if the project finishes on time, on budget and according to specifications, is it considered a success if it did not create value for the customer? How about projects where nobody seems to know the answer to the question “why are we building this?” or when there is no consensus as to the “why?” And does that perhaps result not only in a lack of motivation for the team but also in so many changes in requirements, that deadlines and budgets become moving targets? What about projects whose very nature prevent us from knowing what is needed in the beginning? How do we go about managing those? Short answer: differently.

If any or all the above has ever caused you grief, please join us for this webinar! Learn how to detect that your project might be in this sort of trouble. Learn the tools for working with clients and project sponsors to define “what is actually needed,” in projects with varying degrees of uncertainty. Learn how to build the right thing the first time!

This webinar is for anyone who is or is planning to be or would like to be part of a project, in any degree or capacity, as well as for anyone interested in exploring a career in project management. Attendees will earn one professional development unit (PDU) upon completion. These PDUs can be used toward acquiring or maintaining a PMI® Certification.

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