Sign up for March 7 webinar ‘AI can perform 80% of project management tasks. Will it replace Project Managers?’

February 21, 2024

Join WHS on Thursday, March 7 from 11 a.m. to noon for a thought leadership webinar on how artificial intelligence is transforming the project management landscape, especially in the health care industry.

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The Project Management Institute (PMI®) predicts that, in the next five years, AI will perform almost 80% of project management tasks. At the same time, the world will need an additional 35 million skilled (and very well compensated!) project managers. Does that make sense?

It does: AI can be a huge help with key facets of project delivery; however, its effectiveness hinges on the project manager’s expertise. Before embracing a clever AI sidekick, make sure your project management fundamentals aren’t the weakest link, because tapping AI tools to remedy sloppy project management practices is like relying on a miracle drug without being able to diagnose the underlying illness!

This webinar presents global best practices in project management, including simple, common-sense processes, tools and skills to define and manage scope, organize teams, engage and communicate with diverse stakeholders, negotiate for resources, plan against risk and track progress. AI can certainly optimize a lot of this work, but it’s no substitute for a project manager’s holistic expertise, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and savvy in navigating the complex health care project environment.

Registration for our project management courses is in full swing. Visit our website for full details and to sign up for classes.

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