Sentinel Network offers opportunity to have your workforce concerns heard by lawmakers

March 26, 2024

Workforce issues continue to be a top priority for hospitals across the state. During the legislative session there are almost always pieces of legislation or budget items with workforce implications. This is why we strongly encourage our members to take part in the twice-yearly Sentinel Network workforce survey, which lawmakers use to inform their work.

The first reporting period for 2024 began March 18. The Network sends the surveys directly to employers, but you can also take the survey online by visiting its webpage. All responses are confidential and reported in aggregate.

The Network — a collaboration of the state’s Workforce Board and the University of Washington’s Center for Health Workforce Studies — administers this survey to learn about workforce trends, including vacancies, turnover rates and onboarding. If these issues are important to your hospital, this is the venue to make your concerns known.

The current iteration of the Sentinel Network survey features questions about retention strategies, the use of contractors and traveling workers, current or planned uses of AI, a series of questions on licensing and training for behavioral health organizations, and a focus on staffing and facilities providing dental care. You are welcome to customize your message to align with your organization’s communications style. You can access insights from previous surveys on the findings dashboard, in policy briefs and overarching and pandemic-related findings pages.

The survey is intended to be completed by clinic managers, HR directors, nursing directors and others with similar roles in hiring and management. The Sentinel Network team is also happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact them at or (206) 543-9797.

We hope you will take the time to give your input!


Chelene Whiteaker and Darcy Jaffe
WSHA Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & WSHA Senior Vice President, Safety & Quality


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