Seattle Children’s Research Institute partners with Center for Infectious Disease Research

January 31, 2019

Late last year, the Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR) and Seattle Children’s Research Institute joined forces in a collaborative effort to combine resources and best address infectious diseases. Infectious diseases negatively impact many individuals and communities. The combined team of world-class researchers is leveraging the strengths of each organization to develop vaccines, therapies and diagnostics to infectious diseases, particularly those that significantly impact children and low-income populations.

According to the CDC, infectious diseases are a leading cause of illness and mortality worldwide. It is essential for the health of our communities that infectious disease research is prioritized. Together, under the banner of Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Center for Global Infectious Disease Research, these scientists are carrying forward the significant contributions they’ve made to HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, malaria, human papilloma virus and group B streptococcus. This joint effort will enable both organizations to continue such impactful work. Joining Seattle Children’s bench-to-bedside capabilities with CIDR’s expertise in systems biology brings new opportunities to study the complex interactions between infectious agents and their hosts and translate these findings into clinical care — and cures.

“We welcome this incredible opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the renowned scientists and staff of CIDR to pursue our shared vision of better understanding, treating, preventing and curing infectious diseases,” said Dr. Jim Hendricks, president of Seattle Children’s Research Institute. “This collaboration assembles a critical mass of infectious disease scientists dedicated to making transformative scientific advances that will help children around the world live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible.”

Additional information about the partnership is available online and in the video below.


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