Seattle Children’s launches BrainChild Bio to accelerate CAR T-cell therapies for children with brain tumors

January 4, 2024

Seattle Children’s launched BrainChild Bio, Inc. to accelerate the advancement of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies in central nervous system (CNS) tumors. BrainChild Bio will be granted an exclusive license to novel CAR T-cell technology for CNS tumors developed at Seattle Children’s and will build upon the pioneering CAR T-cell therapy and clinical translational work of Michael Jensen, M.D., and his team at Seattle Children’s Therapeutics. Seattle Children’s has provided the initial equity funding for BrainChild Bio, which will operate as an independently managed corporation.

“As one of the largest dedicated pediatric institutes in the country, we are extremely proud of the discoveries, clinical trials and cures that have come from inside our own walls,” said Dr. Jeff Sperring, Seattle Children’s chief executive officer. “We also know there are kids around the globe that cannot come to Seattle to be treated. We believe this gives us the best opportunity to accelerate this technology bringing potential cures to kids faster.”

BrainChild Bio will optimize the application of CAR T-cell therapies for CNS tumors by advancing a next-generation CAR T-cell therapy platform that integrates synthetic technologies, including multiplex targeting and enhanced potency controls. This multi-dimensional approach includes:

  • Multiple targets in a single CAR T-cell therapy to prevent tumor escape
  • Novel transgenes to increase potency that engage only when within the direct tumor environment
  • Switching technologies to control the CAR T-cells directly within the tumor
  • CAR T design and manufacturing processes, which have been proven over many years at Seattle Children’s Therapeutics
  • Novel CAR T-cell administration directly into the brain, minimizing systemic toxicities and enabling regular repeat dosing to ensure prolonged presence of CAR T-cells and durable efficacy.

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