Safe Deliveries Roadmap launches new data platform

April 15, 2021

The Safe Deliveries Roadmap dashboard on WSHA’s new interactive data platform, DASH (Data Analytics Services Hub), will launch on May 19 with a training webinar for OB leadership and quality directors. This dashboard will replace the historic, static quarterly OB Director’s PDF reports that have been shared with our hospital members. With DASH built in Tableau, you will be able to sort, trend, compare and visualize the data.

As WSHA continues to promote data transparency, the dashboard will contain the following unblinded OB measures by hospital: Severe Maternal Morbidity with and without transfusions, Early Elective Delivery prior to 39 weeks (PC-01), NTSV C-section (PC-02), Primary C-Section, and Unexpected Newborn Complications – severe (PC-06). Note that UNC-severe has not previously been shared at the hospital level. If you have any questions regarding the OB measures, please contact Trish Anderson. 


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