Safe Deliveries Roadmap has a new look

September 5, 2018

Safe deliveries rebrand headerWSHA’s Safe Deliveries Roadmap started in 2013 as a homegrown effort to promote evidence-based practices that lead to better obstetric health outcomes in Washington State. It has since grown to a multi-state program to improve care for women and babies at every stage: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. We are now thrilled to unveil new branding and icons for the Safe Deliveries Roadmap to reflect the way the program has grown and the scope of its work.

As the program grew, stakeholders developed and identified numerous improvement tools, which were sorted into bundles. The new branding features icons for each bundle to more easily classify different resources. We are currently finalizing a revision to the labor management bundle, and this fall we will begin updating the postpartum bundle, which will be linked to recommendations from a 2014-2015 maternal mortality review by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH).

The roadmap now includes numerous multi-disciplinary stakeholders, including national partners. This year WSHA’s Safe Deliveries Roadmap is partnering with DOH to enroll Washington State in the national Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program. A fresh, recognizable look for the roadmap’s materials will promote a broader reach and help spread best practices, leading to improved care for many more women and babies.


Amber Weiseth
WSHA Assistant Director of Maternal-Infant Health Initiatives, Patient Safety


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