Respect and admiration for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

February 27, 2020

It seems that all of Washington is watching Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane as they care for patients from the cruise ship with confirmed novel coronavirus (COVID-19). I cannot imagine what a terrifying experience this must be for those patients. It warms my heart to know that Sacred Heart has truly accepted and embraced their mission to “care for those with the greatest need” as they expertly coordinate care for some of our most vulnerable citizens, even as they get backlash from some in their community for doing so.

Sacred Heart was asked by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to care for these patients. The hospital has specially trained caregivers and doctors, and a specially designed unit that is separated from the main patient care areas.

The Spokane community and Sacred Heart visitors, patients and employees are safe. The hospital is continuing to provide quality and compassionate care, with all planned procedures happening as scheduled.

Caring for these patients has illustrated the combined strength of Washington’s health care community. Sacred Heart has partnered with Spokane Regional Health District, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), HHS and several local, state and federal partners. We are so impressed by their collaboration and commitment to caring for patients in need.

At a time when there is uncertainty about the future impact of COVID-19, I am heartened to know that we can look to Sacred Heart’s example to embrace our missions to provide compassionate care to those we serve.

If you are looking for resources or advice on how to prepare for COVID-19, I encourage you to visit the DOH website, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s information page or reach out to me or our team at WSHA. We are in regular coordination with these leaders and will keep you all informed.


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