Preparing for the lame duck

November 3, 2016

WSHA and the American Hospital Association (AHA) have outlined a post-election legislative agenda between now and the end of the year that addresses the consequences of the site neutral payment provisions in the 2015 budget on new hospital-based clinics and extends the moratorium of the enforcement of Medicare rules governing supervision of outpatient therapeutic services through the end of 2016.

Our agenda also includes Cantwell-Murray-Kilmer legislation that would allow Medicare patients seen by mid-level practitioners to be attributed to rural accountable care organizations (ACOs).

The Senate Finance Committee – on which Sen. Cantwell serves – has begun drafting site neutral legislation. The rural ACO bill is pending in the House and Senate. Sen. Cantwell’s supervision bill is pending in the Senate. Now is a good time to make your views known to the congressional delegation, click here for contact information. (John Flink, WSHA Federal Lobbyist)


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