Participate in the interstate medical licensure compact: Support Senate Bill 6228

January 19, 2016

On Tuesday, the Senate Health Care Committee will hold a public hearing for Senate Bill 6228. The bill seeks to have Washington State participate in a multi-state compact that would streamline physician licensure and make it easier for doctors to practice in multiple states. (Read the issue brief here.)

This would allow for better access to health care in our state, especially in border communities, and at a time when telemedicine — which allows providers to see patients virtually — becomes more prevalent. Additionally, physicians are more often getting recruited from across the country, making multi-state licensing a more common practice.

This bill allows the state to keep local control and accountability of licensing and disciplinary action, while allowing licensure across multiple states to be easier and more coordinated. The compact would be self-sustaining and funded entirely by licensing fees paid by physicians.

This is a priority bill for WSHA and we will testify in favor.

For more information, contact Chelene Whiteaker (206/216-2545).


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