Weekly Report for July 30, 2015 – Infections in the News

Consumer Reports released new hospital ratings this week, focusing on infection rates. This created the usual flurry of media interest. While rating categories based on averages don’t reflect improvements over time and the scale of the actual risk, it was still an opportunity to talk about what hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients and visitors do... Read More >>

Family Petitions of Involuntary Detention Decisions: SB 5269

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide you with information about a new law, Senate Bill 5269, known as Joel’s Law, that allows family members and legal guardians to petition the court to review an involuntary detention decision under the Involuntary Treatment Act. The Washington State Hospital Association would like to thank Eric Neiman, Attorney, Portland Managing Partner of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith for contributing to this bulletin.... Read More >>

State Releases Medicaid Global Waiver Application – Seeks Comments

This bulletin is intended to inform you of opportunities to provide public comment on the state’s work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to seek a global waiver for the transformation of Medicaid. The state is seeking $3 billion in federal funds to support transformation. The state plans to submit its application to CMS in September 2015. WSHA and AWPHD want your comments and feedback on our draft letter to the state.... Read More >>

Weekly Report for July 23, 2015 – Edge of Amazing

Hospitals have always been community-based organizations. They are governed and advised by boards of local residents, and they employ dozens and sometimes hundreds of people who are committed to caring and healing anyone in the community who needs them. Hospitals and communities thrive together. With other WSHA staff, I’ll be spending today in Everett at the Edge of... Read More >>

Your Help Needed on CMS Geographical Standards for Critical Access Hospitals

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently clarified rural status, location and distance requirements for critical access hospitals (CAHs). Importantly, the recently released memo (S&C 15-45-CAH) clarifies existing guidance to specify that a CAH’s compliance with mileage and distance requirements for hospitals and all facilities it operates must be reassessed at the time... Read More >>

The Fundamentals of Patient Safety for Boards

Patient safety and quality are primary fiduciary responsibilities for governing boards. WSHA and AWPHD jointly began a series of “Fundamentals” webcasts for members of hospital and health system boards and commissions on a variety of topics. The first in the series took place on Monday, July 20 on the topic: “Fundamentals of Patient Safety."... Read More >>

Applications for 2016 DSH Are Due Soon

The Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) is now accepting applications for Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments for 2016. The deadline for applications is August 1 for the Low Income and Small Rural DSH programs. Applications received by HCA after that date will not be considered.  The Certified Public Expenditure (CPE), Low Income, and Small Rural DSH... Read More >>

Weekly Report for July 16, 2015 – 2015 Legislature: Major Moves Forward for Patients

So now that the legislature has adjourned, how was it? It was certainly the longest session ever– that’s a quantifiable truth. There were some incredibly tense weeks in June for lawmakers, advocates and agencies. It was also one of the busiest– you can quantify that by the fact that substantially more bills were introduced this year than in previous years.... Read More >>

2015 Legislative Session Webcast

2015 was a particularly challenging year in the Washington State Legislature, but now that it’s over, it’s time to review what happened on WSHA’s major initiatives. This webcast reviewed the outcomes of the session, including the hospital safety net assessment, mental health funding, pharmacy issues, physician residencies and more.... Read More >>

New Notice and Timing Requirements for Medical Liens

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of new requirements to the medical lien law. Please share with your financial assistance staff as appropriate. A new law (HB 1053) on medical liens was enacted this session. The law creates new requirements to provide notice of the use of medical liens and to remove liens following payment. This provision applies to all Washington state hospitals that use medical liens. The law goes into effect on July 24, 2015.... Read More >>

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